Hi, I'm Petya, freelance (ghost)writer. Do you need engaging content that converts? I'm your writer.

Petya Natcheva

Need content that drives traffic, boost sales and readers can’t take their eyes off?

I am familiar with the psychology of the reader and implement it in a way that gets you leads.

My content is attractive, engaging and gets you results.

If you’re a start-up or a solo entrepreneur, my writing can boost your online visibility and drive the right kind of audience to your door.

I’m Petya, an adventure-spirited millennial who thrives on being busy and is dedicated to writing for businesses.

Feel free to hire me for your article, blog or ghostwriting.

Here’s how I can help you:

1. Who am I?

I am a dedicated English bachelor freelance writer. I have first-hand customer support experience, psychology knowledge and do yoga actively.

2. What I do

  • Article writing - I write with the speed of light and am very keen on grammar and punctuation.
  • Blog writing - Creating constant blog posts is the bridge between your customers and your services. I establish that connection.
  • Ghostwriting - I know how to adapt to your brand’s tone of voice so you reach your exact target audience.

3. How I do it

When I combine my A+ knowledge about communication and B2C experience, I craft compelling content that gets attention and drives people to take action.

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