Are you handling your business by yourself? Are you struggling to finish everything on time and as you would like to?

You can count on me!

I’m Petya Natcheva, a freelance writer for hire. I help you save valuable time and money.

My writing skills are a powerful lead-bringing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.

My knowledge includes (but is not limited to): Branding, healthy living, customer support.

I write:

  • Useful
  • Engaging
  • Quality-material
  • Understandable
About Petya Writes

I am equipped with in-depth knowledge, interest and sufficient experience in:

  • Referrals
  • Customer service
  • Personal branding

I am a millennial representative yoga-enthusiast, living in Bulgaria.

When I’m not busy creating compelling content, you can find me stretching on the yoga mat - challenging my strength, balance and focus.

So, why choose me?

Simple. I like to get things going and done on point. I strive for results. This is due to my self-discipline built at an 8-5 job. This taught me to work consistently and efficiently.

One thing I can guarantee you for sure is that my writing is 101% original.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I have a superpower! I can guess your age just by looking at your face (in person). P.S: I won’t use my superpower on you unless you ask me to.
  • My yoga passion includes:
    - Yoga for Beginners
    - Classic Yoga
    - Vinyasa Flow
    - Slow Flow Vinyasa
    - Ashtanga Yoga
    - Power Yoga
    - Yoga and Relaxation
    - Yoga for Emotional Balance
    - Hormone Yoga - Therapy for Women
    - Therapeutic Yoga
  • When I’m not writing, you can find trying out a new yoga pose, hiking in the woods or enjoying some good food at a hidden gem restaurant.

Interested In Working Together?